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the most fucked up night. I'm soo embarrassed that this happened. okay,start at the beginning. i didn't go pack my stuff up at dave's today.very avoiding of me i know and i'm not proud but i've felt like i got kicked in the stomach for the past day and a half and i just couldn't face it:( so i called dave and left a message on his voice mail to call me.then i called him later at his house and he answered. i started to tell him about how i got boxes when he interrupted me and told me not to worry about it, he's got it covered. and then he tells me he's over "it" and do i have anything else to say. well, no i guess i don't.about half an hour later cara calls me and tells me that dave has called ron and asked him to drive all my stuff to my mom's house. this is not okay. its after 10pm(my mom doesn't even allow phone calls after 9:30pm) and my mom doesn't want anymore of my stuff stored there. so i tell her i'll call dave and for her and ron not to take any action until i figure this out. i just realized this is a very long story and i'm very tired. i guess i'll finish the conclusion tomorrow. sorry
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