Marigold (delilah_is) wrote,

after over 2 years i guess i'm back

wow. so I've been reading old journal posts...its been over 2 years since i've posted anything. I can't believe how angsty and emo i sound. its actually pretty funny. and because i enjoy reading them so much i decided i should start posting again. then in a few years i can entertain myself with them again:)

David has left for afganistan. I think he actually arrived a few hours ago. I'm trying to think positive thoughts about it. When he called me from the airport to say bye i was at tres hombres with cara and rana. I tried to stay cool on the phone with him so he wouldn't have to have yet another emotional female on his hand but as soon as we got off the phone I started crying. So, imagine this. I have a napkin mashed against my face, crying loudly and surrounded by young people enjoying "taco tuesday". Cara and Rana are awkwardly trying to comfort me and our waiter is obviously avoiding our table. I pull myself together enough to start drinking. But I'm still to upset to eat. 2 hours later I'm drunk and we're all getting pretty loud. Que random guy approaching us with a round of shots. This leads to the to me and cara trying to figure out who is the "least" drunk so they can drive. But because we're smart we decide we're both "that" drunk, take random guys shots and start calling people to come pick us up. By the time Cara's brother arrives I'm staggering drunk in my sun dress on a tuesday night. And i stole the bucket my coronas came in....awesome.

Bob left Monday to move back to Boston. I'm in mourning.

And night before last I had nightmares all night. Charlee got eaten by a shark. And I'm not going into dream details because they're boring even for me but my nightmares were dominted by david, my dad and bob...maybe I'm having issues with the men in my life leaving me?
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